This week’s Inquiries

We inquired into a few things this week. We saw a Brainpop video mention a dumbo octopus. We didn’t think something like that existed, but realized it did!
YouTube Preview Image

We then decided to look to see what other cool creatures live deep in the ocean. We found that many amazing animals live in the midnight zone.
YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

We also read a story about a sheep dogs and decided to look up what sheep dogs really do. We found this great video of Border Collies.

YouTube Preview Image

Let It Go in Our Languages

Let It Go is the favorite song of the Diamond Tigers. Today we listened to it in the many languages spoken in class. In honor of our multi-lingual class, here are the videos.

ItalianYouTube Preview Image

Tagalog YouTube Preview Image

Dutch YouTube Preview Image

Chinese YouTube Preview Image

Norwegian YouTube Preview Image

Korean YouTube Preview Image

Spanish YouTube Preview Image

Japanese YouTube Preview Image

French YouTube Preview Image

Indonesian YouTube Preview Image